Falling Back In Love With MAC…

Lately I’ve been determined to create a makeup collection where I LOVE every product – and It all works for me… Zero unnecessary hoarding or ‘Just holding on to’, Or is that every beauty junkie’s dream?

MAC is a brand that we all know and love for certain reasons, But I fell out of love when the new collaborations and collections came out too thick and fast (And a lot of it was re-promotes), and I decided to put it on the backburner for a little while. Over the past few months I’ve found it significantly more enjoyable now that I’m staying away from any new-collection hype – and just browsing in store, with a coffee attached to my hand obv, and looking for what I would like to try next. Really focusing more on the unsung heroes over the latest collab that will sell out in 3.5 seconds.

I personally feel like I know MAC’s formulations the best of most brands in my stash – I’ve used their products for upwards of 9 years (That time frame was a shocking revelation, trust me). When I lift my Pro Palette lid, I’m more confident in my colour selection and I know how that particular eyeshadow will perform. A sure(er) thing, if you will. Here’s the low on which products I’ve been swirling my brush into recently…

+  After years of sitting unloved while I was distracted with other shadows, I finally added two newbies to my Pro Palette – Club & Espesso. Club I picked out because I’m really into the warm brown base with a teal shift & Espesso because It’s the coffee coloured brown of my dreams, Ideal for adding depth.

++  Driftwood. So after a brief glance at my lipstick shade choices – It’s a no-brainer why I needed this Lipstick. A) to try the Liptensity formula B) it’s a mauve pink, sold.

+++  I LOVE all Extra Dimension products from MAC, the eyeshadows are outstanding and the blushes have stolen my heart. Double Gleam feeds my intense passion for highlighters AND shares the ED formula. I can’t wait to try it, and then have an excuse to buy Beaming Blush next..

++++  A couple of staple additions that made it into the basket – Another sheertone blush in Blushbaby (I really like the colour payoff with these, very controlable), Another Accentuated brow pencil and lastly a Studio Finish concealer in NC10 – The perfect brightening & lighter shade for my NC15 natural complexion. Oh and a False Lashes Extreme Black mascara for good measure!

Do you share my feelings for MAC? Are you currently in-love or out-of love with the brand?

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